Isku selected the Best Partners of 2017


Isku has selected the Best Factory Partners and the Best Product Partners 2017. Koskinen Oy was selected the Best Partner 2017 as the best supplier of factory materials. ER Pahvityö Oy was selected the Best Partner 2017 as the provider of best service for the factory. Isku and ER Pahvityö collaborate in package design. The Best Product Partners 2017 were Salli Systems and Loook Industries Oy. Salli Saddle Chairs complement Isku’s collection with ergonomic saddle chairs, and Loook Industries are renowned for their innovative products designed in Finland.

Koskisen Group is a 109-year-old family business in the wood products industry, employing more than 1,000 persons. In 2017, the Group’s turnover was approximately EUR 270 million, and exports accounted for more than half of the figure. Koskisen’s factories are located in Järvelä, Hirvensalmi and Vierumäki in Finland and in Russia and Poland. The Group’s wood procurement company is Koskitukki Oy.

“Koskisen Oy is a reliable long-term partner for Isku as a provider of wood panels that we process into high-quality products. Our sustained product development efforts are guided by the same values: durability, excellent manufacturing properties and our Finnish heart”, says Arto Tiitinen, Isku’s CEO.

“It is great to be honoured this way by Isku, one of our key customers. This award proves the success of our strategy. We want to be close to our customers, live up to our service proposal and develop solutions for our customers’ needs. Congratulations and the best of success for the 90-year-old Isku! We hope to continue this brilliant collaboration”, says Jukka Pahta, CEO with Koskisen.

ER Pahvityö is a family business based in Lahti, Finland, specialising in manufacturing and sales of cardboard and packaging products with tailor-made packages as its core competency area. The company manufactures environmentally friendly products created by Finnish experts from locally sourced raw materials.

“We are involved in many packaging product development projects with ER Pahvityö. Since they store packages near our factories in Lahti, we are able to create tailor-made packaging solutions quickly together, as they collaborate directly with our production unit. It is important for us to know that the packaging materials come directly from Stora Enso’s local factories”, says Arto Tiitinen, Isku’s CEO.

“We at ER Pahvityö are honoured to partner with Isku in continuing the Finnish tradition of furniture manufacturing”, says Heikki Erkamo, CEO with ER Pahvityö.

Salli Systems is developing the healthiest sitting concept in the market today and manufacturing related products. The concept is based on Salli Saddle Chairs with divided seats, backed by extensive research data in ergonomics that help to motivate and train sitters to get the best possible health benefits from a new way of sitting.

“Salli Saddle Chairs is one of Isku’s longest-term product partners. Their products are top sellers year in, year out, thanks to their value proposal of world-class ergonomics and strong business case. They support Isku’s collection in an excellent way”, says Arto Tiitinen, Isku’s CEO.

“Salli Systems has a mission: we want to change the way people sit everywhere in the world. It is fantastic to see that the world is now ready to take a step forward and embrace this new, healthy way of sitting”, says Kirsi Mannila, Managing Director & CEO of Salli Systems.

Loook Industries Oy is a rapidly growing Finnish design company founded in 2009 by two designers, Ivar Gestranius and Kevin Lahtinen. Loook Industries designs innovative products inspiring and encouraging interaction and collaboration. As illustrated by the large number of global references, the products help improve privacy and acoustics in public buildings and office environments.

“Products by Loook Industries are bold Finnish design at its most innovative. Our collaboration in developing our collection and creating customer events and projects is exemplary”, says Isku’s CEO Arto Tiitinen.

“We hold this honour in very high regard, since Isku Interior is a prominent partner for us, and our collaboration is constantly developing and improving. We are thrilled to partner with Isku and its brave growth and innovation agenda, enabling our products to bring comfort and joy in work and learning environments even in the future”, says Managing Director Kevin Lahtinen of Loook Industries Oy.

Left to right: Heikki Erkamo (ER Pahvityö), Ville Iivonen (Loook Industries Oy), Marie Jalkanen (Salli Systems), Ivar Gestranius (Loook Industries Oy), Kirsi Mannila (Salli Systems), Kevin Lahtinen (Loook Industries Oy), Jukka Pahta (Koskisen Oy) and Jari Laine (Koskisen Oy).


For more information, please contact

Arto Tiitinen, CEO, Isku, tel. +358 (0)400 566875,

Juha-Matti Lähteenmaa, Director, Sourcing and Partnerships, Isku, tel. +358 44 792 3362,

Jukka Pahta, CEO, Koskisen Group, tel. +358 50 389 4499,

Heikki Erkamo, CEO, ER Pahvityö Oy, tel. +358 3 730 2215,

Kirsi Mannila, Managing Director & CEO, Salli Systems, tel. +358 50 312 0853,

Kevin Lahtinen, Managing Director, Loook Industries Oy, tel. +358 40 1693 001,


Isku is a Finnish family-owned company established by Eino Vikström 1928 in Lahti, Finland. Isku’s products and services are renowned for their high quality. Isku designs and develops, produces and markets furniture, services and comprehensive interior solutions for homes, schools, offices, healthcare facilities as well as for all public spaces. In Finland, Isku has a number of its own sales and service centres. In addition to the extensive service network in Finland, Isku operates in the Nordics, the Baltics, Poland, Russia and the Middle East and is involved in projects all around the world. Isku has centralized its production to Lahti, Finland. Isku has certified quality, environmental management and safety systems according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. Today, all Isku’s production is PEFC certified. All wood used in the production comes from sustainably and responsibly managed forests and the raw material’s chain of custody is known.