Isku’s office chairs are the first M1 classified office chairs in the world


The first M1 classification, indicating a low level of emissions in padded office chairs, has been awarded to Isku’s Step+ and Still office chair series. Isku and its office chairs participated in a project organised by the Building Information Foundation RTS sr and supported by the Finnish Work Environment Fund, investigating the emissions from office chairs into indoor air.

The M1 classification was awarded to the fabric versions of the two office chair series, upholstered with Step, Step Melange, Runner, Fighter, Fame, Fame Hybrid or Crisp fabrics. High-quality indoor air requires the consideration of indoor air questions in all stages of design, construction and use of buildings. It is ultimately determined by, among many other factors, the materials employed in indoor construction, furniture and decoration.

“Low-emission products are of primary concern in any work environment, but their significance is further highlighted in multi-space offices with hundreds of employees, when the numbers of products and, subsequently, the emissions are multiplied manyfold. We have worked for years to be absolutely sure that our products are environmentally friendly and our materials are healthy. Our aim is to offer our customers only products that are safe and tested”, says Arto Tiitinen, Isku’s CEO.

The emission classifications for construction materials involve indoor air quality requirements for materials to be employed in standard work and living spaces. The emission classifications are determined by the Finnish Building Information Foundation RTS sr.

Emission classifications for construction materials have been awarded since 1996, and in December 2017, the number of classified products reached 4,323. Since 2014, it has been possible to apply for a M1 classification for non-upholstered furniture, such as tables, shelves, chests of drawers or fixed furniture. Now it is also possible to apply for a M1 classification for padded office chairs.


For more information, please contact

Arto Tiitinen, CEO, Isku, tel. + 358 (0)400 566 875,

Hanna Eskola, Director, Quality & Environment, Isku, tel. +358 44 792 3263,

Arja Valtanen, Product Manager, Building Information Foundation RTS sr

Laura Sariola, Classification Manager, Building Information Foundation RTS sr,



Isku is a Finnish family-owned company established by Eino Vikström 1928 in Lahti, Finland. Isku’s products and services are renowned for their high quality. Isku designs and develops, produces and markets furniture, services and comprehensive interior solutions for homes, schools, offices, healthcare facilities as well as for all public spaces. In Finland, Isku has a number of its own sales and service centres. In addition to the extensive service network in Finland, Isku operates in the Nordics, the Baltics, Poland, Russia and the Middle East and is involved in projects all around the world. Isku has centralized its production to Lahti, Finland. Isku has certified quality, environmental management and safety systems according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. Today, all Isku’s production is PEFC certified. All wood used in the production comes from sustainably and responsibly managed forests and the raw material’s chain of custody is known.