Active sitting is now more stylish than ever

Isku’s design chair novelties help battle against the disadvantages of sitting.

Disadvantages of sitting are not strange to anyone anymore. Working in the same position for hours can cause back pain or problems in blood circulation or even in the heart.

Movement and position-changing are the best way to avoid these ailments. That is why Isku launches at Stockholm Furniture Fair chair novelties which activate the user while sitting.

The most innovative of the novelties is Idea work chair and conference chair series, which helps working in seated positions in a new way. The work chair’s idea is in its back: it allows movement for upper back and shoulders but also supports lower back.

“The design of the work chair is modern and trendy: it combines net back with upholstery. 3D upholstery in the back is beautiful, translucent and woven with a new technology. It was important for us to create a modern chair not only ergonomically but also design-wise, so that it would come to active use for many people”, says Director Antti Olin, Isku Working.

Another activating novelty is Tutto Active chair which answers to the growing trend of saddle seats. Its specialty is a beautiful wooden seat, but you can get it also with upholstery. The design of the chair is familiar from Finland100 design contest rewarded Tutto chair, designed by Mikko Laakkonen.

Isku also brings other solutions to Stockholm fair that support active working. Stockholm stand’s attraction will definitely be Hangaround swing. Hangaround is fun way to sit but also an ergonomic alternative for the static sitting position. The swing gives you the tiny movement or change in body position that activates body and mind instead of sedentary position. It is also a great place for ideal meetings and brainstorming! Hangaround is designed by Kaisa Jäntti.

We are also presenting Bench work desk family at Stockholm fair, designed by Juri Karinen. The design of Bench takes into account the number of electric devices that we use at the office. Electric cords find easily their place in the table. The Bench product family includes an acoustic screen that can be added and moved without tools.

For learning environments, Isku introduces Spot which brings visual and sound cover for learning environments. Spot, designed by Petteri Häkkinen, offers a comfortable and acoustic space to hide and learn. With the light felt elements, students can build their own solutions for each space and situation.

You are more than welcome to visit our stand A12:20 at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.


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