Isku Health – World class healthcare facilities 
from Finland

Isku Health is the most modern solution for healthcare needs to support the customer experience and healthcare work. It combines Finnish expertise in healthcare, technology, science and design. Isku Health also strengthens patient-oriented healthcare and helps people get well and stay healthy.

Welcome - Lobbies, reception areas

Functional and comfortable facilities strengthen the customer experience.

An antimicrobial environment shows that you care, are professional and make use of new technology.

Solutions that value individuality and privacy take into account the demands of accessibility, lighting and sound.
Face - Examination rooms

Wellbeing at work improves patient satisfaction.

Solutions supporting the objectives of the work promote recovery and improve the results.

An attractive working environment also affects employees’ mental wellbeing.
Guide - Corridors, waiting areas

Shared spaces invite visitors to spontaneous activities and meetings and promote positive social interaction and activity, which both support healing.
Heal - Patient rooms, examination rooms, operation rooms

The cornerstone of the patient room is patient safety. Antimicrobial contact surfaces maximise hygiene.

Accessibility is achieved by means of convenient, mobile and user-adjustable solutions tailored for their purpose.

In an unfamiliar environment, privacy is emphasised, for example, when it comes to storage solutions.

A permanent antimicrobial function in critical indoor contact surfaces eliminates pathogens and reduces infections in combination with hand hygiene and cleaning.

Isku+ provides solutions that improve patients’ and employees’ safety.

The ISKU+ solutions are researched and proven.

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