Health touches us all

Isku+ is the world’s first complete collection of furniture that helps to cut down the spread of infections – without compromising comfort or good looks.

100 % natural way of reducing infections

Isku’s innovation is based on natural copper and silver technology on surfaces, fabrics, and coating that actively prevent contaminations.

Isku+ for Healthcare

Antibiotic resistance is a hot topic. Now is the time to find solutions in stopping the super bacteria from spreading. Isku+ is one answer to this, with the tested and proven ability to reduce the number of infections in hospital environments as much as 60%.

Isku+ for Public Spaces

Antimicrobial surfaces work like a 24/7 cleaner, actively and tirelessly preventing the bacteria from spreading.

HygTech Alliance

The companies of HygTech Alliance together provide a holistic line of antimicrobial solutions for shared spaces. All touch surfaces can be made antimicrobial, effectively reducing the growth and spreading of bacteria.