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Antibiotic resistance is a hot topic. Now is the time to find solutions in stopping the super bacteria from spreading. Isku+ collection is one answer to this, with the tested and proven ability to reduce the number of infections in hospital environments as much as 60 %.

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Life saving design – the best investment there is.

There are 3 million hospital infections in Europe every year, resulting in 37,000 deaths, 16 million extra hospital days and 7 billion € in extra health care costs. [Source: ECDC Europa]

60% less infections in hospitals

New materials and solutions can reduce the number of infections in hospitals by up to 60 %*, which translates into savings of 4 billion € in Europe. [Source: Antimicrobial Copper]


80% less contaminations

Antimicrobial copper has been tested in clinical trials around the world. Studies show 80 % less contamination on copper surfaces than noncopper equivalents.


99% bacteria elimination

Antimicrobial copper is the most effective touch surface material in the fight against pathogenic microbes, killing greater than 99.9 % of bacteria within two hours of exposure. No other material comes close.



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