For Public Spaces

We all spend time in shared spaces. Why not make them cleaner and more comfortable?

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3 steps of cleanliness

Antimicrobial surfaces work like a 24/7 cleaner, actively and tirelessly preventing the bacteria from spreading. They are, however, only one part of the solution. Complete cleanliness can be achieved by following these three steps:

  • Washing hands
  • Regular cleaning
  • Antimicrobial surfaces

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Wherever people meet

What if your employees or customers didn’t get seasonal flu this year? The right furniture can make the difference. Cleaner surfaces means less contagions and less sick days. For employers and both public and private service providers choosing an antimicrobial solution can be a strong message of caring.

Comfort comes with functionality

Shared spaces can be as cozy as home. As well as actively promoting the well-being of its users in terms of health, Isku’s furniture is designed to meet the high standards of convenience and good looks. Full range of furniture together with a variety of material choices makes it possible to fit a design solution to any kind of shared space.


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