Environmentally friendly choices and sustainable solutions

In the design and manufacturing of our furniture solutions, we comply extensively with the principles of sustainable development. It is important for us to know the origin of our timber and be assured that it has been sustainably produced. Indeed, we are the only industrial company in the Finnish furniture sector that uses a PEFC Chain of Custody system to track the origin of its timber.

Kivikko - egologinen kaluste

Isku is an active developer of environmentally friendly production. Our environmental management system is certified to meet the requirements of standard ISO 14001. We want to design products and services that meet even the strictest environmental standards. In our quality work and lifecycle thinking, we take into account the origin of materials, energy consumption during production, the use of chemicals, and the volume of waste generated during the entire production and consumption chain up until the recycling of products at the end of their lifecycle. In our purchases, we prefer Finnish, environmentally sustainable materials.

Isku Active Learning solutions are a durable choice also in terms of pedagogy: The furniture and the learning environment solutions built from them will stand the test of time and the transformation of operating environments. They allow for a wide variety of pedagogic styles and answer the evolving needs of learning spaces. As curricula change, pedagogically flexible learning environments adapt to new functional requirements.

These are the fundamental principles to which Isku has remained committed for more than half a century as the leading Finnish expert in furnishing learning environments. In the future, we aim to be an even more agile everyday development partner for our customers.