Focus – Solutions for independent work as a part of community-oriented learning environment

Sometimes studying requires independent work and individualised solutions that support students’ personal learning pathways. Students should be provided an opportunity to occasionally withdraw from social interaction and concentrate on uninterrupted work. Facility and furniture solutions inspire and support an active approach among students, promoting self-directed, insightful learning.

The Focus solutions create possibilities for uninterrupted, concentrated work that involves organising one’s learning and acquiring and applying knowledge. In a learning space, the Focus solutions provide teachers an opportunity to tailor their teaching to the needs of small groups or individuals and allow students to proceed at their own pace while following the teaching at the class.


Even teachers sometimes need to work uninterrupted – when planning their work or dealing with confidential matters, for example. The Focus solutions also bring new ideas for staff lounges, meeting rooms or offices.

The Focus solutions consist of innovative layout of furniture, mobile space dividers and space-within-a-space furniture specially designed for the purpose. An essential element in each Focus solution is the management of acoustics and visual stimulation to minimise disturbances.