More healthy and lively school days with physical activity

A physically passive lifestyle is a public health problem that starts at a very young age. Of all the time spent sitting during a day, school accounts for approximately 40% of it, and the older students get, the more sedentary they usually are. However, it is possible to make kids more active by increasing physical activity during the school day.

There are two main ways to decrease physical passivity: change either the way we work or the physical environment. Breaks, physically active lessons and an atmosphere that encourages one to be active are examples of best practices. Activity-encouraging furniture makes it easier to learn physically active ways of doing things and integrating them into the school day. At their best, active furniture reminds and encourages us to be active, even when the actual ways of working do not change.

Staying physically active not only promotes health, but also makes students more alert and improves their learning results. The most important effect is the learning of a physically active lifestyle that can be maintained throughout one’s life.


Arto Pesola, Doctor of Philosophy
(Sport and Health Sciences), exercise
physiologist, research manager,
Active Life Lab, South-Eastern Finland
University of Applied Sciences
entrepreneur, Fibion Oy