Isku Digital Learning Lab – more than technology

Isku is heavily involved in the everyday activities of educational institutions, and we are more than just observers of the constant change of operating environments. The development of flexible, innovative work and learning environments is a part of our strategy and a task that we are happy to assume. The environments for learning and teaching are evolving and becoming increasingly versatile with an efficient use of different physical learning environments and a creative integration of ICT to support learning.

The Isku Digital Learning Lab is a total solution for individual rooms and spaces that combines the room, the furniture and the technology into a functional digital learning workshop. A new or existing room – or even a little used corridor or lobby – can be flexibly converted into a digital learning lab. The solution is always designed in collaboration with a teaching technology expert and the users of the space, paying particular attention to the desired purposes. The total concept of the Isku Digital Learning Lab covers not only the design and delivery of furniture and the technical equipment, but also the installation and support in the scope determined by the buyer.

The Isku Digital Learning Lab serves the evolving needs of teaching. It provides both learners and teachers a well-functioning, durable and adaptable space that does not limit the style and methods of teaching, but supports the learning that takes place within.