Join – Solutions for communal spaces that inspire interaction and creativity

Promoting inclusion and a communal culture is a vital part of the fundamental task of schools and educational institutions. The Join furniture solutions are ideal for creating living rooms for all users: for spontaneous interaction and encounters before, after and between lessons or just for hanging around. Designed from pedagogical standpoint, the Join solutions promote positive social interaction, inclusion and communal learning. They are designed for the workdays and holidays of educational institutions, but also lend themselves to many other uses according to the needs of various user groups.

In communal spaces (halls, lobbies, corridors), innovative, even playful furniture solutions encourage not only creative relaxation, but also self-directed studying, alone or in groups. At their best, these spaces can transform into rooms for parallel learning and teaching during lessons and open learning environments. When furnishing dining hall or canteen facilities, the Join solutions help to create a “café” atmosphere with variably grouped furniture that, outside mealtimes, provide a setting for meeting and spending time with other students.