Share – Solutions promoting peer learning and teamwork for all environments

The Share furniture solutions provide a variety of shared learning spaces for investigative, problem-based work in small groups, where students learn together by exchanging, evaluating and combining knowledge. The Share solutions are ideal for rooms that promote interaction within a group: round tables combined with half-round or round seating create a safe setting for peer-group studying and creative learning.

Flexible room and furniture solutions are designed to support phenomenon-based learning and project work where activities and targets guide the layout of furniture. The physical learning and teaching space can be adapted quickly and creatively to the needs of different groups or pairwork.

The Share solutions find their places easily in any room or space of an educational institution, both as small and large sets. They are particularly well suited to furnishing open and extendable learning environments and rooms and halls intended for very large groups. In a classroom, the Share solutions support versatile pedagogical styles and enable a flexible use of various working methods.