Study – Insightful solutions for multifunctional classrooms

Learning spaces and their design are an elemental part of the overall architecture of any school. Flexible furniture solutions can turn even traditional classrooms into multifunctional spaces that promote interaction between the teacher, the student group and individual students. The Study solutions are adaptable facility and furniture solutions for teaching and learning new things. They are just as suitable for traditional lecture-type teaching as for interactive work in groups or pairs or test situations measuring individual learning results.

Furniture in a learning space can be easily adapted from individualised work to a variety of group arrays. Their adaptability allows for the use of a variety of teaching and working methods and makes the space suitable for teaching different subjects. The furniture can be easily moved, even by students themselves, and can also be stacked away to give room for physically active learning.

By adjusting the height of individual items and combining furniture of variable height, it is possible to create new dimensions and amphitheatres in ordinary classrooms. Variable combinations of upholstered and hard furniture also help to rethink traditional classroom teaching.