ISKU Classic

Classic – an easy-to-use electric height-adjusted table Isku Classic is the basic model in our range of electric height-adjusted tables, and is a great fit in a wide variety of uses and spaces. Electric height-adjusted tables and desks are a contemporary, ecological solution, as these products have particularly long life cycles due to a long service life and versatile reuse potential. An electric height-adjusted table or desk allows a worker to periodically go from being seated on a conventional work chair or on a higher chair, such as a saddle chair, into a standing position. These types of position changes during the day mitigate the negative physical effects of staying seated for prolonged periods of time. A standing mat is a popular optional accessory for electric height-adjusted tables and desks. Changing working positions, easy to do with height-adjusted tables or desks, reduces shoulder and arm strain and has also been found to improve efficiency, alertness and concentration. An easily adjustable workstation is a big help for those suffering from neck or back ailments and serves to prevent such conditions. An electric height-adjusted table also makes it easy to alter the workstation for the needs of different persons. This is useful when the same workstation is used at different times by a number of employees.