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Matrix series – versatile desks and tables with electric and manual adjustments

With the Matrix desks and tables, you can create optimal ergonomic workstations both for individual employees and teams in smaller or larger spaces. When choosing a Matrix desk or table, you can select any desktop or tabletop in Isku's collection. The Matrix T manual model is available both as a customisable work table and as a conference table. Table heights have an adjustment range of 20 cm. The Matrix T manual conference table can also be equipped with versatile audiovisual options. With the Matrix I tables, users can adjust the working height over a range of 205 mm to ensure a good ergonomic, work position. For height adjustments, each leg is done manually and separately. The Matrix Y table base is a simple and affordable basic solution with no adjustment options. It can be used with desktops and tabletops of different sizes for teacher's desks, small general-purpose tables in classrooms as well as cafeteria tables.