Duo Lounge


The low-slung Duo Lounge seats are suitable for many spaces and situations due to their relaxed and stylish look. The Duo Lounge chairs have the same elegant lines as the Duo conference chairs, only with a slightly wider frame and rounder edges. Relaxation was achieved by tilting the sitting angle further back and lowering the seat. The different leg options enable using the chair in many different environments.

Available with antimicrobial materials.

Product number: 3295 (with armrests), 3294 (without armrests)

Designer: Antti Olin

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Technical specifications

Width 700 mm (without armrests 520 mm)
Depth 650 mm
Height 870 mm


Materials and colours of the Duo Lounge legs: Loop legs and flange leg: chrome, black and white.

Upholstering materials: Fame, Blazer, Crisp and Silvertex fabrics or leather.

Duo and Duo Lounge have either an upholstered seat (inside of the seat upholstered), the chair is completely upholstered or the seat is completely upholstered with hard armrests. A new gluing technology enables the use of new cushions without compromising the graceful lines of the chair. The completely upholstered version can incorporate either one or two colours (the two-coloured version comprises one colour on the inside and another on the outside).