Use the components of the Dyyni modular sofa to create attractive seating arrangements to suit each particular room and its specific purpose. Dyyni is built around a one, two or three-seater sofa base, on which frame components are arranged and then complemented with backrests, armrests, side tables or magazine racks. A corner module is now also available. Single-seater, table and magazine rack units can be fitted with casters. Sitting height 370.0 mm. The listed dimensions are for single elements without backrests or armrests. Upholstery consumption 1m / seat & 1,45m seat with backrest.

Available with antimicrobial materials.

Product number: 3732

Designer: Tapio Anttila

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Technical specifications

Width 600 mm per module (740 mm with armrests)
Depth 600 mm
Height 400 mm
Weight 15 kg per module