Exerium Active

Product Description

An active chair for smarter sitting. The chair is ideal for all types of sedentary work, providing a wider, ergonomic work range. The flexible mechanism enables movement in all directions. The tilt range can be adjusted steplessly. Benefits of an active chair and movement: improves posture, develops deep support muscles, promotes the health of the back and compensates for the adverse effects of sitting.

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Technical specifications

Width 630 mm
Depth 630 mm
Height 630-790 mm


Upholstery black leather, aluminium base

More Information

The wheels lock when sitting. Weight limit: 150 kg. 

Back pain is the most common reason for sick leave. Long‐term static sitting has been observed to be harmful for the back as well as general well‐being. On an Exerium Active active chair, muscular work is done almost unnoticed: the flexible mechanism of the chair creates subtle but effective movement in the upper body, activating the deep support muscles. According to research, exercising for just a few minutes keeps the deep support muscles activated for several hours afterwards.

The height of the active chair can be adjusted so that the sitting position is like a half‐standing position. This way, the spine remains long and the intervertebral discs have space in order to ease and prevent back pain. The best ergonomic position can be achieved by using the active chair with a height‐adjustable table.