Inkoo Pro High


Two Inkoo Pro High -sofas can be combined using the Inkoo Pro High connecting wall to create a sheltered spot for quick meetings and a peaceful environment for making phone calls, for example. Inkoo Pro High is available in 90 cm and 110 cm width. A separate table can also be added to the sofa and connecting wall combination. The table can be easily moved to make way for cleaning, for example, and the position can be changed according to user needs. It can also be supplemented with a table, which can easily be moved around.

Available with antimicrobial materials.

Designer: Ilari Jääskeläinen

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Technical specifications

Width 900 - 1100.0 mm
Depth 100 mm
Height 140 mm
Weight 900 mm: 10,4 kg, 1100 mm: 11,4 kg

More information

The upholstery of the connecting walls adheres to the upholstery options of the Inkoo Pro High sofas. In addition, the colour of the metal frame and fastening sleeves in the connecting wall base always match the frame base of the sofa. The Inkoo Pro High connecting wall can be easily detached by lifting it off the fasteners. The removability of the wall facilitates cleaning and moving the furniture arrangement. Widths: 900 and 1,100 mm. The 900 mm wide wall weighs 10.4 kg, and the 1,100 mm wide wall weights 11.4 kg.