The Isku Easy T EL is a 2-leg electric desk with an extensive 65 cm adjustment range and many frame colour options, in addition to being extremely easy and quick to assemble. Isku Easy T EL desks are 120–200 cm long, with tops 60–90 cm deep.

Available with antimicrobial table top.

Product number: 2061

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Technical specifications

Width 1200-2000 mm
Depth 600-900 mm
Height 630–1280 mm (range 650 mm)
527-1 Dimensions
527-2 Mechanical safety requirements
527-3 Methods of test for the determination of the stability and the mechanical strength of the structure
12521 Mechanical and Structural safety requirements
1730 Methods of test for the determination of the stability and the mechanical strength of the structure
15372 Mechanical and Structural safety requirements

Additional information

Frame colours
Silver, white, black. All the colours are in the
express delivery collection.

Support units
The 120 cm top is equipped with a fixed support unit, and 140–200 cm tops are equipped with a telescopic unit.

Legs and lifting columns
Legs are available in three sizes: 5 (590 mm), 7 (690 mm) and 9 (890 mm). Choose the length based on tabletop depth. The code for a pair of lifting columns includes the cables and a standard control panel (DPB).

Technical specifications
Lifting capacity of one leg: 80 kg
Maximum allowed balanced load: 120 kg
Max lifting speed 38 mm/s
Noise level Power consumption:
o During height adjustment: 300 W/leg
o In standby mode 0.1 W

Control panels
Isku Easy T EL is compatible with all Linak Deskline control units. Learn more about control options on Linak’s website:

Electric desks improve ergonomics and well-being at work

An electric desk provides the best ergonomic features since it can be adjusted for work which is carried out while sitting down, half-sitting and standing up. The ability to vary your working position according to task and energy level reduces stress on the body
and increases well-being at work, along with helping you to stay more active and efficient. The opportunity to choose from a wide range of work positions prevents
neck, back and shoulder pain. Active use of the desk’s diverse features has been shown to improve work efficiency, energy level and focus, improving the comfort of the work environment. This also results in cost savings due to reduced sick days.

Selecting a desk according to the user

The right desk is always selected based on the space required by the task and the physical features of the user. The extensive 650 mm range is well-suited for both especially tall and short users (over 190 cm or under 170 cm). In addition to physical features, the habits of use must also be taken into account when selecting the adjustment range. An adjustment range of 65 cm is always recommended for shared use.