The Kaari sofa system creates intimate discussion and working areas in open work environments, such as lobby areas at schools or group work areas. The Kaari sofas can be used to create peaceful closed groups or continuing shapes by combining straight and curved elements. Available curved elements include inner- and outer curves, also with backrests and partition screens.

Available with antimicrobial materials.

Product number: 3711

Designer: Henri Halla-aho

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Technical specifications

Width Curved elements 1600 mm / straight elements 1200 mm
Sitting height 440 mm


Upholstery: Fixed fabric upholstery.
Metallic parts: Silver, graphite grey or chrome.

More information

The modularly structured Kaari consists of efficiently sized seat elements, on which backrests and partition screens are placed. Partition screens can be installed at two different heights, and they are available with two-colour upholstery.