Kab Seating Director


Kab Seating Director D1Ci is one of the most popular control room chairs. It is a very robust, steel-framed chair, which is perfect for control rooms and other active working environments. Excellent lateral support and air-filled lumbar support allow for working even with back pain. The chair is suitable for S-XL size, 50-200 kg users. Both the seat and backrest have excellent lateral support.

Product number: 29705 Director


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Technical specifications

Width 530 mm (aluminium cross base 700 mm)
Depth Sitting depth 490 mm
Height Backrest height 660 mm + neck rest
Sitting height Height adjustment 460–560 mm.

Additional information

Robot-welded steel frame, robust paddings. Height adjustment: 46-56 cm. Backrest depth quick adjustment. Liftable and adjustable armrests. Rocking lock, safety lock and resistance adjustment according to the user. Neck rest with versatile adjustments. Also available without neck rest. Soft casters for hard floor types, and hard casters for soft floor types. Fabric or leather upholstery. Fabric upholstery: Xtreme Plus with abrasion resistance of 100.000 Martindales, or 24/7+ fabric with an outstanding abrasion resistance of 500.000 Martindales. The leather upholstery is hygienic and easily cleaned. Black fabric and leather upholstery also with White Line quilting.