The seat and backrest materials combine wood and plastic. This combination of materials brings the organic surface and comfort of wood and the durability of plastic to the seat and backrest elements. Thanks to its natural fibre materials, the Prima wood-plastic composite chair is an environmentally-friendly choice and can be easily disposed of without burdening the environment.


Product number: 1030

Designer: Raimo Räsänen

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Technical specifications


Seat and backrest: Birch natural colour and beech, laminate (12 laminate colours), composition of wood and plastic (birch coloured, beech coloured, grey, blue, green or red) or polypropylene (burgundy). Metallic parts: Graphite, blue, green, burgundy, chrome.

More information

Prima has been constructed so that a backpack can be hung on to the backrest (with an exception of Prima made of a composition of wood and plastic). Height adjustable, two frame heights 4-6 and 5-7.