Ritz is extremely robust, which makes it perfect for furnishing public spaces. The wooden parts of the Ritz easy chair are birch or oak, and the seat features zigzag springs. Fabric or leather upholstery. There are numerous colour options for the wooden parts. A removable chair and neck support cover with moisture protection is also available.

Available with antimicrobial materials.

Product number: 4856

Designer: Raimo Räsänen

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Technical specifications

Width 680 mm
Depth 860 mm
Height 1030 mm
Weight 14 kg


Wooden parts: Birch, more colours. Upholstery: Fabric or leather.

More information

Also available with removable upholstery and a moisture resistant removable cover for the chair and neck cushion. A version of the Ritz easy chair has also been developed that is better suited to special-needs housing. This model sports different sitting angle than regular Ritz chair. The back leg is 2 cm taller than normal, which changes sitting angle to better suit special-needs environments. The wooden parts are birch and come in a variety of colours. In addition to the easy chair model, Ritz is available as a rocking chair.

Care instructions

Light vacuuming with textile nozzle. Removal of fresh stains with a moist cloth.