Salli Classic saddle chair

Product Description

This is an updated version of the first Salli model, which was developed some twenty five years ago. This one piece model is currently only recommended for women for part-time use.


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Technical specifications

More information

The Salli saddle chair balances the pelvis in an upright position thanks to a large (approx. 135-degree) angle between the thighs and upper body, resulting in a natural lumbar lordosis corresponding to a standing posture, which is retained well thanks to the divided seat.The upper body is supported by the ischial bones, and remains straight and relaxed even without a backrest. The legs support and move the sitter on the sides of the body. The shoulders rest on the chest structure, and the shoulder muscles relax. A good sitting posture deepens breathing, prevents fatigue and increases work efficiency.

To make full use of the benefits of a saddle chair, the desk must be higher than usual and preferably electrically adjustable. An electrically adjustable desk can be adjusted to different heights for sitting and standing, writing and reading and for different times of the day and different sitters.