Product Description

The low Still S1A is a robust work chair with basic functions. Adjustment of the seat depth and height, and the backrest height. The chair is equipped with an automatic mechanism that adjusts the seat and backrest resistance according to the user’s weight. Available with or without armrests. The S1A 21 also comes as a high model with a foot rest and pads.

Available with antimicrobial materials.


Product number: 3061

Designer: Antti Olin

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Technical specifications

Technical information



  • Seat 2: Width 470 mm, height 480 mm.
  • Seat 3: Width 495 mm, height 480 mm.


  • Backrest 1: Width 430 mm, height 350 mm.
  • Backrests 2-3: Width 430 mm, height 510 mm.
  • Backrests 4-7: Width 440 mm, height 560 mm.
  • Backrest 8 (mesh): Width 440 mm, height 590 mm.

Backrests 3, 5 and 7 include a neckrest. Mesh backrest has a neck rest as an accessory. Backrests 6 and 7 have a lumbar support with stepless adjustment. Height adjustment of the backrest: 70 mm. Cross base diameter: 67 cm.

Sitting height: 400-510 mm.

Sitting height of 3060 chair: 525-725 mm


Cross base: Black and grey plastic or polished aluminum. Upholstery: Fabric or fabric with leather neck rest. Mesh backrest black or white. The neck rest of the mesh backrest either black or white mesh, fabric or leather.

More information

S1 synchromechanism that can be adjusted according to weight of the user. Backrest tilting angle with 3-step adjustment, and it can be locked to upright position. Armrests available as an accessory, with 4 different options. Semi-soft casters with brakes, height adjustment with gas spring, seat depth adjustment, and backrest height adjustment.