Product Description

Vakio is a universal, simple shelf system suitable for both office and home use. It fits spaces where the boundary between public and home furniture is dissolving.

“I wanted to create a simple, aesthetically sound, high-quality, universal system suitable for both homes and public spaces.”
– Designer Juri Karinen

Product number: 2708

Designer: Juri Karinen

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Technical specifications

Width 800 mm (the length of the shelf board)
Depth 320 mm


The materials of the Vakio shelf provide the technical solution themselves. The shelf is made of birch plywood with grooves in which the acrylic doors slide easily without any fittings or runners. The metal frame is the backbone of the shelf and provides the bookends. The shelf does not need to be in the traditional bookshelf format; it may be designed from the users’ creative perspective and according to their individual needs.

More information

Vakio is a modular shelf that attaches to the wall. The wedging mechanism of the brackets enables the free vertical placement of shelf boards. Glossy black or white sliding doors made of acrylic plastic are available for the shelf boards. The doors move in one groove and do not pass each other. The shelf boards are always made of massive birch plywood, and the edges are formed by the lacquered end surface of plywood. The shelf boards are available with a laminate surface in nano black, lam 315 (white), lam 338 (black) and lam IC (special colour). The metal parts of the shelf are either powder-painted (black and white) or black passivated. The wall rail is available in half-metre increments up to 3 metres. Special-length profiles of 2.5 m and 3 m have a different delivery time.