The site

The process of designing the Raute offices began in November 2012. The interior was customised to the customer’s wishes down to every detail in such a way that the furniture, floor and wall surface materials, as well as any decorative items, spoke the same language and each element of the design adhered to a shared colour scheme. New fixtures and wall and floor materials for the sanitary facilities were added to the plan at a later time.


The solution

By joint decision of the designer and the customer, white, grey and black were chosen as the primary colours of the interior design for Raute. The interior design also incorporates decorative products, wallpapers with highlights, decorative lamps and silk flowers. At the moment, three floors of the Raute offices have been renovated and redecorated. In addition to the primary colours, each floor has highlight colours, which have been picked from the colours of the Raute logo.

The redesigned Raute facilities form an exquisite, stylish and atmospheric whole in which each floor has its own special features.