Needs assessment and specification

Whether establishing a new business or renovating existing spaces a successful work environment is always built on client needs first with the focus on the user.

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Needs assessment and specification

Successful work environment design and specification should always be based first and foremost on the user’s needs. We listen to the client and thoroughly familiarise ourselves with the premises to find the optimal combinations of features that benefit all users – whether they are coders whether the tasks require intense focus collaboration with others and client meetings or business calls – or just sitting back and relaxing.

Performing needs assessments and setting specifications are parts of our service. These activities lay a valuable foundation for the actual design and implementation work. Our efforts concentrate on the needs we’ve identified related to the spaces themselves and the employees working there. Assessment and specification work can also focus purely on areas chosen by the client. Even minor investments in this type of early-stage conceptual work produce beneficial information that is later useful when building the custom solution.

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Our services for client needs assessment include the following:

  • Assessment service
  • Premises assessment
  • Ergonomic needs assessment
  • Acoustic needs
  • Inventory management service
  • Circular economy plan
  • Fitting tests (assessing suitability of premises)

Our specification services include the following:

  • Interviews of key personnel
  • Change management team workshop
  • Space utilisation plan
  • Project management

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