Everything in the world today is within touching distance. We are constantly on the move, no longer bound by time and place like before. This has changed our relationship with work and our ways of working. We now have new expectations and desire individual choices. Inspirational work environments serve to activate workers and have an effect on their job satisfaction and, consequently, well-being at work. The Office, Learn and Health solutions by Isku respond to this need providing solutions for different operating environments.


Isku's Office solutions help create individual and active work environments. Ergonomic work chairs, soundscape controlled with design screens and space-efficient storage solutions inspire employees, making their work environment more comfortable and pleasant.


New digital technologies and equipment are changing our operating environments. Technological advances are also shaping the requirements placed on learning environments and their functions. The school of today is no longer a passive.


Isku's Health range has visually attractive and functional solutions for various environments in the field of healthcare. Many of our furniture designs are also available with antibacterial coatings, but schools, day care centres and offices can also mitigate infection risks with the right furniture choices.


Isku+ furniture cuts down the spread of bacteria with its natural antimicrobial feature. The proven and permanent antimicrobial feature helps prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses on touch surfaces. Isku+ solution increases wellbeing and company image by creating a safer working environment.